This is a Georgian Food Blog

A few month ago, I was announcing that this is a Russian food blog — and it worked. But, as you’ve certainly noticed by now, this is more than that. For example, this is also a Georgian food blog. The Georgia we’re talking about here is the Republic of Georgia of course, in the Caucasus; and I dedicated many posts to its food, its dishes, its cooking and its cuisine.

Seriously, Google, look at the top results when one queries “Georgian food blog”! The first one is an excellent blog that I encourage everyone to read (it’s in my blogroll), but it’s essentially about Estonian cuisine. The third one consists of 50 or so Georgian recipes, all posted in December 2007 (five years ago); it’s interesting, but it’s not exactly a blog. Which brings us to the second one, a single picture from the aforementioned recipes, re-posted on some other site; this certainly wins the Palme d’Or for lamest search result.  And so on…

So if Georgia’s on your mind, and you like food, this blog is for you. If you’re a foodie interested in Sakartvelo (the Georgian word for Georgia), welcome to this blog. If you read blogs, cook food (or even just eat food), and you want to find out about the other Georgia, the capital of which is not Atlanta but Tbilisi, you’ve come to the right place. And if you have regional preferences, this is an Abkhazian food blog, an Adjaran food blog, a Kakhetian food blog, a Mingrelian food blog, and a Svanetian food blog. All in one!

Batumi Central Market - Cheese

This is a Georgian food blog, and here are some of the Georgian recipes you will find in my posts:

This is a Georgian food blog, and I review Georgian restaurants and bakeries, in New York and beyond:

This is a Georgian food blog, but I also talk about my trips to Georgia, and the food I saw and ate there:

Georgian. Food. Blog.