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The Goulash Archipelago

by Florian
The Goulash Archipelago

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less often for the past few weeks. No, I didn’t leave on an epic summer vacation; I’ve been pretty busy in fact. I just signed a contract with a French publisher to write a cookbook! Under the tasteful working title of L’Archipel du Goulache (The Goulash Archipelago), the book will present recipes inspired by the cuisines of the former Soviet Union, with design courtesy of Metastazis (who also created the Food Perestroika logos). Most of the dishes come from this blog, but many have been remastered and some will be completely new.

So you can expect fewer posts until mid-fall, which is when my manuscript is due. I’ll probably continue my current series on Budapest, as I have several more places to write about, and I’ll also try to squeeze in a few recipes for variety’s sake. I’m afraid my backlog of Croatian and Montenegrin stories will have to wait a bit longer. When we get closer to publication, I’ll start sharing some material from the book. Stay tuned!

The Goulash Archipelago

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Takis November 26, 2021 - 07:25

I think you should have a little respect to the victims of Gulags before give such a tittle to a book with food recipes..So many people suffered there!

Florian November 26, 2021 - 08:27

Hi Takis, I was wondering when someone would make a comment like this… I do respect the victims of the gulag. I’ve read a lot of gulag littérature. I’ve been to the Solovki. Unlike some (many?) Russians in today’s Russia, I don’t ignore or minimize the atrocities and human cost of the camps. But I also have a sense of humor, one you may not share, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree.


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