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Noms de Pays

by Florian
Sveti Stefan

I take a lot of pictures when I travel. There are countless photos of the food I eat or see, of course, but also a significant number of shots of the places I visit. Only a tiny fraction of them end up on Food Perestroika, while the rest, meticulously cataloged and backed up on redundant storage, wait for a day in the spotlight that may never come. For a long time, I’ve been pondering how I could share this whole collection in an enticing way.

It turns out I still don’t have a clue, so, short of coming up with an original idea, I chose to do like everyone else: a photo website. Enter Noms de Pays! Through galleries capturing particular places at particular times (each named after a place, the nom de pays), I’ll share my travel pictures from Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, though I don’t exclude other parts of the world as well. First in line: Montenegro, summer 2018. Though a few of the pictures might look familiar to the readers of these pages, most have never been shared before. They’re not amazing works of art, but they carry the memories of the places I’ve visited. Maybe you’ll find them interesting too.


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