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Happy Holidays 2020

by Florian
Food Perestroika - Happy Holidays 2020!

It’s that time of the year again! Happy holidays! Over the past twelve months, I’ve published a lot of recipes from Russia (especially the Russian Far North), and Croatia / Montenegro. Here’s a selection of the best ones for a festive holiday meal:

Food Perestroika - Happy Holidays 2020!

As usual, the end of the year also gives me an opportunity to look at 2020’s most popular posts. Here are the top 5, in descending order:

Except for newcomer kajmak, the other 4 posts are also my 4 most popular posts of all time (albeit in a slightly different order). This kind of highlights the somewhat skewed nature of search engines when it comes to food: the website or blog to first publish a given recipe gains a durable and considerable advantage over its competitors. I could publish the best borscht recipe ever (and sooner or later I will), but my chances of it getting noticed at this point are pretty slim.

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(Photo credit for featured picture of Vlad: Putin Drinks Vodka to Russian Soldiers in North Caucasus. 09/13/2019. kremlin.ru)

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