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Happy Holidays 2017!

by Florian
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! As is the tradition, here is a selection of my favorite recipes from this year’s posts, perfect for your table whether you’re planning a quiet dinner for two or a feast for the whole extended family.

Happy Holidays!

And now, let’s have a look at this year’s most popular posts:

  1.  Qurutob, Tajikistan’s National Dish remains my most popular post. I now top the search results for qurutob on Google, so I shall proudly claim that this is a Tajik food blog. Hell, this is the best Tajik food blog on the internet! In fact, it might be the only Tajik food blog on the internet, period!
  2. What does Vladimir Putin Eat? People want to know! But do they realize that this post has generated several follow-ups? Check out part two, part threepart four, and part five. Looking forward to another 6 years of Putinism!
  3. Plombir, Russian Ice Cream is down one spot compared to last year. It shows up in second position on Google if you search for plombir (behind Wikipedia), which confirms that this is a Russian food blog.
  4. Tarkhun, Tarragon Soda has always been popular, but it got a boost this year thanks to a mention by vegan blog Tout sauf des carottes. It also comes second on Google if you search for tarkhun. Yep, this is a Georgian food blog too.
  5. I only published Pelmeni, Siberian Meat Dumplings half a year ago, but it was an instant success, confirming readers’ attraction to popular dishes. This late in the game, though, I probably have no chance to top Google searches…

Four of these top five posts are recipes, and I’m glad to see that although they represent traditional dishes, they require a higher level of culinary involvement: not so many people make their own soda or ice cream or flatbread, and those pelmeni aren’t nearly as simple as you’d think. Still, for next year, it would be nice to see my travel posts get some love too!

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(Photo credit for featured picture of Vlad: Russian President Vladimir Putin takes a glass of champagne during the reception for new foreign ambassadors at Grand Kremlin Palace on November 9, 2016, in Moscow, Russia. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

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