Moscow - Danilovsky Market - Dagestani Food

Moscow Rules, Part 10: Eating at the Danilovsky Market

In my last post, we toured the food stalls of the Danilovksy Market, Moscow’s oldest marketplace, newly renovated. But looking for quality products to prepare for dinner isn’t the only reason to visit this venerable institution. Today, around the perimeter of the market and on the second floor, there are about thirty eateries, some of […]

Siberian Cuisine - Chemodan

Moscow Rules, Part 8: Chemodan

After my post about Omulyovaya Bochka last week, let’s continue our exploration of Siberian cuisine through another Moscow restaurant. Located in the Arbat District, Chemodan (“suitcase” in Russian) is part of the trend of celebrity-owned eateries that arrived in Moscow in the early twenty-tens. If you follow Russian cinema a little, you might remember actor Oleg […]

Moscow - Wine & Crab Restaurant

Moscow Rules, Part 6: Wine & Crab

Located on Moscow’s Tretyakov Passage, a hyper-central, posh alleyway framed by medieval-looking archways, Wine & Crab is the brainchild of identical twins Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy, two rising stars of the New Russian restaurant scene, both co-owners and executive chefs. The pair, originally from the Krasnodar region, first gained fame separately, training at different acclaimed restaurants […]

Moscow - Voronezh Restaurant

Moscow Rules, Part 5: Voronezh

Located a few steps away from the massive Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Voronezh represents a relatively new kind of restaurant for Russia: the high-end steakhouse. Steakhouses had a surprisingly tough start; there was of course no such thing back in the USSR – no way such an American concept, triggering images of fat capitalists overeating […]

Russian Food - Moscow - LavkaLavka

Moscow Rules, Part 4: LavkaLavka

In the heart of Moscow, on Petrovka Street, LavkaLavka is both the leading champion of Russia’s locavore, farm-to-table movement, and a promoter of new Russian cuisine. It also glorifies a concept applied by many, though seldom so explicitly: selective gastronomic amnesia. We are not trying to recreate 17th century cuisine, although we want to know […]

Tatar Cuisine - Kazan Chay Bar

Moscow Rules, Part 3: Kazan Chay Bar

At first glance, Kazan Chay Bar looks like an inconspicuous Tatar restaurant in Moscow’s Zamoskvorechye District, an area that has seen a surge in office building construction over the past few years. But pay closer attention and you’ll notice that it’s located on Little Tatar Lane; near Tatar Street, the Old Mosque of Moscow, and a […]

Moscow - White Rabbit

Moscow Rules, Part 2: White Rabbit

Perched on the top of the Smolensky Passage, under a sort of glass dome, a few steps away from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Arbat, White Rabbit is named after the famous rodent in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, which provides inspiration for most of the interior design. The restaurant is both aptly positioned […]