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Trout, Char, and Salmon

by Florian
Trout, Char, and Salmon

As I keep going fishing for trout, char, and salmon, I am starting to accumulate a nice collection of recipes. I will keep updating this page as the list increases.

Most recipes can use either of the aforementioned salmonids interchangeably, with minor adjustments for the thickness of the fillets. And of course, you don’t necessarily have to fish them yourself!

Trout, Char, and Salmon

Moravian Trout Tartare and Rillettes
Lake Trout Tartare
Syracuse Wild Turkey and Brook Trout Tartare

Cured Finger Lakes Salmon, Ramps, and White Asparagus
Potato Cream Soup with Poached Egg and Lake Trout Variations
Beet-Cured Salmon River Steelhead
Tokaji-Cured Lake Trout and Mozzarella-Potato Pancakes
Vodka-Cured Lake Trout
Cranberry and Dill Marinated Salmon

Trout, Char, and Salmon

Pickled Lake Trout

Giant Trout and Salmon Chlebíček
Lake Trout and Crawfish Ballotine
Kippered Salmon
Jarred Salmon in Olive Oil
Lake Trout Rillettes

Triple Steelhead Trout Broth with Gravlax and Pirozhki
Buckwheat Blini with Trout and Chanterelles, Cabbage Sauce and Honey-Glazed Turnips
Blini with Smoked Salmon
Sous-Vide Lake Trout, and Spring Vegetable Mix
Quick Seared Trout with Smoked Trout Rillettes
Lake Trout Sausages
Salmon River Salmon Sausages
Kutap, Armenian Stuffed Trout
Crab-Stuffed Salmon Paupiette and Salmon Brandade
Arctic Char Vojvodina
Cayuga Lake Salmon Burgers and Warm Potato Salad
Salmon and Pork Belly Burger
Salmon Coulibiac
Cayuga Lake Salmon, Blue Cheese and Porcini Coulibiac

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