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by Florian

Many of you have probably noticed by now that this is a Russian food blog. But it never hurts to state the obvious once in a while. And to drive my point home, I just bought russianfoodblog.com (note to Google: it spells Russian food blog).

So from now on, and until I get tired of spending my money on not-quite-random-yet-not-quite-necessary domain names, you can access all the contents of this blog using russianfoodblog.com. Like my About page: russianfoodblog.com/about/. Or my reviews of Russian restaurants: russianfoodblog.com/category/restaurants/russian-cuisine/.

Let’s go through the recent posts that truly make this blog a Russian food blog, the Russian food blog, the blog of the Russian food…

Russian food - Russian Cuisine - Russian blog - Russian food blog

Just from the year 2013:

And of course, there are Russian restaurant reviews:

  • Nasha Rasha, the worst Russian restaurant in NYC (I can’t say it enough times).
  • Mari Vanna, only a few blocks from to Nasha Rasha yet so much better.
  • Pravda, where Russia means champagne, caviar, vodka, and… burgers.
  • Caspiy, for sighting the homo sovieticus in his or her natural environment.
  • Pasternak, for a taste of Russia in Berlin.

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