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The Best and Worst Restaurants of 2012

by Florian

Just like last year, here’s a summary of the restaurants I reviewed in 2012, grouped into two categories: recommended (rating > 6), and not worth a special visit (rating between 5 and 6). As a reminder, I usually mention decor and service in my posts, but only the food is being rated. Luckily, no establishment made it to the third category (avoid, rating < 5). My ratings, especially below the 7 mark, are generous — I’m sure most people would feel that there’s no point spending over an hour on the subway to eat somewhat average food, when you can get so much better in so many closer places in the city.

Unlike most Best of/Worst of NYC lists coming out these days, which concentrate on places that opened or were trendy this year, I just list places that I happened to visit.  A few of them did open in 2012, but it’s not that important.

You may notice that I reviewed significantly less restaurants this year, partly because my reviews became more thorough and required more visits, and partly because the 2011 round-up also included two months of 2010 reviews. I also started the year with two restaurant reports from Paris: La Maison Géorgienne and Boukhara. To make matters worse, Dacha has already closed, leaving many later customers with an aftertaste of bad service, watered-down vodka shots, and non-honored coupons.

Finally, I’ve published a number of Red Alerts that are well worth checking out: Almayass, Kutsher’s Tribeca, Moscow 57 Under The Tracks and Iron Curtain.

What restaurants would you like me to review 2013?


Brasserie Pushkin 8/10
Dacha 7.5/10
Karczma (revisited) 7/10
Cheburechnaya 6.5/10
Café Glechik of Sheepshead Bay 6.5/10

Not worth a special visit:

Café Glechik 6/10
Krolewskie Jadlo 6/10
Harmony Terrace 5.5/10

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