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Tashkent Adventures on MUNCHIES

by Florian
Tashkent - Central Asian Plov Centre - Wedding Plov

Just published another article on MUNCHIES a couple days ago: “In Uzbekistan, A Bowl of Greasy Rice Will Make or Break Your Marriage”; or, “Where to eat in Tashkent, everything you need to know about plov, and what the hell is naryn?” (And so far, nobody has commented that if I’d bothered to learn two words of Russian or Uzbek, I wouldn’t mock the traditions of the good Uzbek peoples. Knock on wood.)

Some bonus material! Here is a picture of the plov in one of the giant kazans at the Central Asian Plov Center. Notice the puddle of aphrodisiac grease in the back of the kazan:

Tashkent - Central Asian Plov Centre - Wedding Plov

And for the anecdote…

Here’s how you pay for your lunch in Uzbekistan. It’s not that food is expensive, but the highest banknote denomination is worth less than 50 cents. People literally have to walk around with bags full of money. More on this when I start my Uzbek Adventures series!

Tashkent - Paying Cash

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