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by Florian
Food Perestroika on Instagram

Now back from a series of business and vacation trips, I’ve decided to do some belated spring cleaning in my social media accounts:

  • I’ve officially stopped linking my posts on Pinterest. This probably shouldn’t affect you too much: chances are you didn’t even know I had a Pinterest account, and it’s never featured anything that you can’t already find on this site. Even though the account will remain open for now, I’m giving up trying to understand what Pinterest is good at. It certainly never brought anyone to my blog.
  • As a replacement of sorts, I’ve started an Instagram account: food_perestroika (with an underscore). Instead of linking existing content from my blog, I’m posting Eastern-European-themed pictures. So far, there have been snapshots of Russian restaurants and Red Alert dishes (snapshots which come way before my reviews show up on the blog, assuming they ever do), and an image by a Ukrainian photographer seen at the Tate Modern — we’ll see what comes next. Don’t expect a hectic posting schedule, as I don’t walk by something picture-worthy every day of my life. It also feels somewhat awkward to be taking pictures with both my SLR and my phone when I’m in a restaurant.
  • And in case you forgot, I also have Twitter and Facebook accounts! Both are used to announce new posts, but they also provide some additional content. The Facebook account, in particular, features my weekly Throwback ThursdaysThe Twitter account simply adds some occasional tweets that tend to be more related to Chef Watson than to Food Perestroika.

Earl Grey Cured Salmon at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

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1 comment

Alysa July 15, 2016 - 09:53

LOL, that “Press for Champagne” button. It’s like Emergency Protocol 417.


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