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Spring Cleaning and Paskha 2015

by Florian
Tirana National Art Gallery

I don’t really have any new recipe for you for Paskha, so you’ll have to check out my compilation from last year. Don’t think I’ve been sitting on my butt eating a lamb roast, though! In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve been doing some major work on the blog’s navigation menu — you know, that menu bar under the logo that you’ve probably never looked at?

Among the new additions is a long-overdue classification of recipes by region. With one single click, you can now get a list of all my Russian recipes (because this is a Russian food blog, remember?), or take a look at my only Albanian dish to date. In my excitement, I’ve even refreshed some of my older pictures to adjust to the new Wordpress theme (some of them; not all by any stretch).

I’ve also updated the pages under “Favorites”. These contain a selection of ingredients I feel particularly passionate about, and recipes I’ve used them in. The content’s still pretty dry (it’s a list of recipes, really), but I plan to enrich it in the future. Next to the expanding and revised pages for game (big and small) and salmonids, you’ll now see entries for fish roe, buckwheat, and birch. Enjoy!



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