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Remembering Wayne Masters

by Florian

Wayne MastersI’ve talked about my turkey hunts with Wayne a few times. There was the spring gobbler I killed last year, and the hunt-turned-fishing trip last May. All in all, I’ve known him for about 3 years, and was planning a couple of fishing and hunting trips with him in the coming months.

Wayne passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 27.

Having lived in the Syracuse, NY area all his life, and being a retired Senior Fish and Wildlife Technician, he had an extraordinary knowledge of the hunting and fishing grounds around Syracuse and beyond, combined with a decades-old passion. A trip with Wayne was a guarantee of full immersion in the hunt, often complete with a bedroom filled with trophy deer and bear mounts, hunting videos and magazines, personal stories and anecdotes, and invaluable lessons. Not to mention really good chances to kill your turkey, even for a beginner like me. He will be missed.

Wayne Masters

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