Moscow - Voronezh Restaurant

Moscow Rules, Part 5: Voronezh

Located a few steps away from the massive Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Voronezh represents a relatively new kind of restaurant for Russia: the high-end steakhouse. Steakhouses had a surprisingly tough start; there was of course no such thing back in the USSR – no way such an American concept, triggering images of fat capitalists overeating […]

Russian Cuisine - Osso Buco with Pumpkin Mousse and Dried Persimmon Sauce

Osso Buco with Pumpkin Mousse and Dried Persimmon Sauce

As is now customary for my Moscow Rules series, I’m following my review of farm-to-table cum New Russian restaurant LavkaLavka with a recipe inspired by a dish I ate there. This time, I’ve picked chef Vladimir Chistyakov’s osso buco with pumpkin mousse and dried persimmon sauce. I really liked the veal-pumpkin-persimmon pairing, and wanted to build on it […]

Russian Food - Moscow - LavkaLavka

Moscow Rules, Part 4: LavkaLavka

In the heart of Moscow, on Petrovka Street, LavkaLavka is both the leading champion of Russia’s locavore, farm-to-table movement, and a promoter of new Russian cuisine. It also glorifies a concept applied by many, though seldom so explicitly: selective gastronomic amnesia. We are not trying to recreate 17th century cuisine, although we want to know […]