Guinea Hen Cutlets and Unlaid Eggs with Autumnal Vegetables

There are some rare and amazing products to be found at the Union Square Greenmarket, if you go there early enough and get a little bit lucky. While I was buying a guinea hen last week, I found, buried in a cooler, a bag full of livers, hearts and unlaid eggs: Notice how large and […]


Guinea Hen Satsivi

Satsivi is a thick Georgian sauce made with walnuts, onions and spices. There are many Georgian nut sauces, but this is the most famous. The sauce is served with poultry — especially turkey — or sometimes with fish. Although this is traditionally a cold dish (tsivi means cold in Georgian), I prefer to serve it warm. I choose guinea hen because […]


Uzbek Lamb and Green Pea Plov

A relative of pilaf, plov is a dish from Central Asia in which rice is cooked in a broth. The traditional version from Uzbekistan distinguishes itself in several regards: The base ingredients are fatty lamb cuts, rendered lamb fat, carrots, onions, garlic, hot pepper and spices. Depending on the region and season, each recipe adds other […]