Russian Food - Pelmeni, Siberian Meat Dumplings

Pelmeni, Siberian Meat Dumplings

After all my years of trying them at restaurants and reporting on them in these pages, I sure hope you know what pelmeni are. One of Russian cuisine’s most famous dishes, eaten in homes all over the former Soviet Empire, and in Russian eateries around the world. But where do those meat dumplings come from? […]

Russian Food - Birch Pie

Siberian Birch Syrup Pie and Kefir Ice Cream

If you find yourself in Canada, you might try the impossibly sweet yet addictive maple syrup pies. In New York City, Momofuku Milk Bar has the infamous crack pie, which isn’t all that different, except it’s made with cane sugar and a funkier crust. As a birch syrup lover, I wanted to come up with a similar dish […]