Czech Food - Olomoucké Tvarůžky

Czech Impressions: Olomouc Cheese, Part 2

Last time, I told you about the history and fabrication process of Olomoucké tvarůžky, aka Olomouc cheeses. But I left the best part for today: the tasting! You may never find tvarůžky outside of Czech Republic, but I shall do my best to help you imagine what it tastes like, so that next time you find yourself in a […]

Loštice - Olomouc Cheese Museum

Czech Impressions: Olomouc Cheese, Part 1

Olomoucké tvarůžky, aka Olomouc cheeses, aren’t just any little ripened soft cheeses. With their strong scent, distinctive pungent taste, and yellowish color, they have right of place in the world pantheon of gastronomical stinky cheeses. My first encounter with them was rather gentle: at La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise, a mild, young exemplar was crumbled and combined with […]