Ice Fishing - Yellow Perch

Ice Fishing Is Amazing, If You Can Stand the Frostbite

I published a new article on MUNCHIES a few days ago: Ice Fishing Is Amazing, If You Can Stand the Frostbite. It’s more about the hardships faced by the ice angler than about food, but you’ll recognize some of the pictures I’ve used in a couple of previous recipe posts: Ice Fishing, and Quick Seared Trout with […]

Cognitive Cooking - Chef Watson

Chef Watson on MUNCHIES

OK, OK, I promise I won’t bug you with my off-topic work stuff for a while after this, but I just published a piece about Chef Watson on MUNCHIES: I’m Happy to Have a Computer Help Me Cook Better. The article focuses on the history of cookbooks, which you might find interesting even if you don’t care […]


Everything You Need to Know about Khachapuri on MUNCHIES

MUNCHIES just published my article on khachapuri: “Georgia’s Cheese Bread Might Be Better Than Pizza”. It covers all the various types of cheese breads you can find in Georgia, from the classic Imeretian khachapuri to the much rarer khabizgini. To help you orient yourself, I’ve created a map of all the Georgian regions that claim their own local variations of the […]