Vladimir Putin Fishing in Siberia

What Vladimir Putin Eats, Part 6

Over six years ago, I started asking myself this seemingly simple question: “What does Vladimir Putin eat?” If the man’s every move is covered by a small army of reporters, surely his meal preferences must be common knowledge. Yet it turned out not to be so easy… Vlad prefers to enjoy some privacy when it […]


Kremlin Menu Watch, Part 2

You may not be a man like Putin, but you can try to eat like him. Here are some excerpts from the news on his presidential feasts in the Kremlin and in other parts of the Empire. You may have missed Part 1 of my Kremlin Menu Watch: it’s right here. Since that original post, I […]

Vladimir Putin

What Does Vladimir Putin Eat?

As you may have read in the media, Vladimir Putin invited foreign journalists for a dinner-interview at his dacha near Moscow last week. We got the usual report of his highly predictable views on the elections, the opposition, corruption in Russia, the situation in Syria, relationships with the US, etc… But instead of reporting answers […]