Gely Korzhev - Get Up, Ivan! (1997)

Winter Break 2019

When you read these lines, I will be on my way to the Great North: after a few days in Moscow, I plan to cross the Arctic Circle aboard the Arktika train to enjoy some (moderately) extreme tourism. As a result, I won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks, but I’m planning to post […]

Food Perestroika - Instagram

Media Socialism 2017

While you’re no doubt waiting for my next post (which will transport you back to Moldova), and in honor of the centennial of the October Revolution, I’d like to remind you about my various social media accounts: @food_perestroika on Instagram, where you can see some behind-the-scene pictures in addition to what appears on the blog. […]

Food Perestroika on Instagram

Media Socialism

Now back from a series of business and vacation trips, I’ve decided to do some belated spring cleaning in my social media accounts: I’ve officially stopped linking my posts on Pinterest. This probably shouldn’t affect you too much: chances are you didn’t even know I had a Pinterest account, and it’s never featured anything that you can’t already find […]