Siberian Cuisine - Wild Boar Cutlets, Celery Root Purée, Kasha and Lingonberry Sauce

Wild Boar Cutlets, Celery Root Purée, Kasha, and Lingonberry Sauce

As seen at the two restaurants discussed in my previous posts, wild game, mushrooms, and berries are three essential ingredients in Siberian cuisine. Quite often, the game meat is prepared as a cutlet – a round or oval patty made of ground meat. There’s a reason for this: while it would be awesome if wild […]


Yellow Perch Cutlets, Artichoke Varenyky and Morel Sauce

So spring is here (sort of — it was still 35 F in upstate New York yesterday). While I still have dozens of yellow perch from a recent ice fishing trip, I’m starting to see spring vegetables here and there. As the freezer must be emptied and the vegetables consumed in the name of seasonality, I wanted to […]