Jewish Food - Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka, Part 1: The New York Baking Legend

Back when I posted my Apple, Vodka and Birch Syrup Babka with Cranberry Mors Sorbet, I touched briefly on the history of babka. Still, it’s worth noting here that this yeast cake from Western Russia, Poland, and Ukraine gave birth to many variations, some of them dramatically different from the original. After reading through a great number of […]


Apple, Vodka and Birch Syrup Babka with Cranberry Mors Sorbet

Here’s a recipe that gives me lots to talk about: Babka is a brioche-like yeast cake found in many Eastern European countries, from Albania to Russia. It’s often baked for Easter Sunday, and it’s not infrequent that you see dried fruits added to the mix. The babka was the inspiration for the more widely known French rum […]


Red Alert: Latkes, Romanian Steak, and Babka at Kutsher’s Tribeca

Red Alert! Eastern European dishes are invading random Western restaurants! Should you duck and cover, or welcome the enemy? Of course it should come as no surprise that a restaurant serving Jewish cuisine would have Eastern European dishes. Still, Kutsher’s Tribeca deserves to be mentioned for its trendy opening and menu. You may wonder why […]