Food Perestroika's 5th Anniversary

Food Perestroika Turned Five, and Starting Throwback Thursdays

Food Perestroika turned five and I didn’t even celebrate! Well, that’s not really true. This blog’s anniversary also coincides with all the birthdays in my little family, plus Halloween, so I have in fact been celebrating for over three weeks. Still, it’s time to congratulate Food Perestroika on its longevity and wish it many more successful […]


Happy 1st Anniversary, Food Perestroika!

It’s been exactly one year since my first recipe (Tvorog, Russian Fromage Blanc), and I’m now writing my 108th entry! I thought I’d use the occasion to review Food Perestroika’s most and least popular posts. Among the most popular posts, the Vladimir Poutine has been an overwhelming success from day one. And what’s not to love about […]