Manchurian Wapiti

Venison Steak, Red Beet-Cranberry Purée, and Country Fried Potatoes
Venison and Root Vegetable Tourtière
Venison and Beet Sausages
Venison and Potato Latke Burgers with Vodka-Battered Vegetables
Abkhazian Venison Loin with Blackberry Sauce and Cheese Polenta
Deer Hunting, and Eastern European Venison Cheese Steak Sandwich
Seared Chops and Braised Shanks of Venison in Bautzen Sour Cherry Mustard Sauce with Perfect Fries
Leg of Venison in Moscovite Sauce with Butternut Squash Varenyky
Venison Goulash and Potato Varenyky
Deer and Foie Gras Meatballs
My First Deer, and Bohemian Venison Burgers
Roasted Rack of Venison in Cider Sauce… and the Failed Deer Hunt

Wild Boar:
Wild Boar and Porcini Pirozhki
Wild Boar Filet Mignon and Smoked Lentils
Wild Boar Bouchées

Vladimir Poutine


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