Jewish Food - Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka, Part 1: The New York Baking Legend

Back when I posted my Apple, Vodka and Birch Syrup Babka with Cranberry Mors Sorbet, I touched briefly on the history of babka. Still, it’s worth noting here that this yeast cake from Western Russia, Poland, and Ukraine gave birth to many variations, some of them dramatically different from the original. After reading through a great number of […]

Big Bad Vlad Burger

Kremlin Menu Watch, Part 5

It’s been almost three years since we last took a look at what Vladimir Putin eats. As usual, news is scarce, the media preferring to focus on unverifiable hacking and other interference rather than hyper-factual, undeniable menu contents. Putin himself has sometimes asked journalists to let him have his meals in private because he loses […]

Kazakh Channel 31

Big in Kazakhstan

That’s right, Kazakh TV Channel 31 just released a video about yours truly! Somehow, someone there got wind of my blog and thought it would be a great idea to do a segment about an American[-French] guy making Kazakh food in New York, especially if the narrator could take substantial license with the facts. So I […]

Making Chocolate Babka

Spring 2017 Vacations

Don’t expect any post this week or next — I’m on vacation. I did manage to visit a Serbian restaurant in Paris, so I won’t come home empty-handed. Lately, I’ve also been working on making the perfect chocolate babka, and a few pounds later, having tried some reference recipes from both cookbooks and stores, I think […]

Foie Gras Pierogi

Foie Gras Pierogi

As winter officially comes to an end, this recipe will take us back a few months, when I found inspiration from two separate experiences. First, while vacationing in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, I had dinner at sEb L’artisan culinaire, a restaurant that serves local, seasonal products, telling “an epic tale in which meat from our local farms, […]

East Williamsburg - Masha And The Bea

Restaurant Review: Masha and the Bear

A note about my restaurant reviews: New York City counts many Eastern European restaurants scattered across the five boroughs, most of them ignored by restaurant critics and diners alike. I intend to visit as many as I can and report! With Masha and the Bear, Russian food has come to (East) Williamsburg. Opened in early 2015, […]

Jewish-Polish Food - Bialys

Bialys, Bialystok’s Lost Onion Rolls

Everybody knows what a bagel is, but what about a bialy? “It’s like a bagel without a hole,” will say people who’ve had one. And these people have a point: bialys are generally sold in bagel shops, they’re good vehicles for cream cheese, they’re round, and their centers aren’t hollow. Both bialys and bagels come from […]

Moravia - Valtice - Salon of Czech Republic Wines

Czech Impressions: Moravian Wine

Wait, Czech Republic makes wine, not just beer and neon-green booze? Yes! So let’s start with a quick primer on Czech wine. There are two wine regions in Czech Republic: Bohemia and Moravia (coarsely speaking, the western and eastern halves of the country, respectively). The vast majority of the vineyards are located in southern Moravia, […]

Czech Cuisine - Giant Trout and Salmon Chlebíček

Giant Trout and Salmon Chlebíček

In Czech Republic, a chlebíček is just an open-faced sandwich. More often than not, what you’ll see is whole plates of assorted obložené chlebíčky (literally, garnished little breads), which give amateur cooks the opportunity to showcase their aesthetic leanings on little slices of bread, with complete disregard for practicality. Cured meat, cured fish, cheese, vegetables, herbs, pickles, egg, […]

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