Bratislava - Modrá Hviezda Restaurant

Slovak Impressions: Bratislava’s Restaurants

Sandwiched between Czech Republic and Hungary, my trip to Slovakia last year was brief. I’d been there for a longer stay a dozen or so years ago, but have few good pictures to prove it (back then, I was shooting with this). This time, I visited only Bratislava, so we’ll have a look at Slovak […]

Russian Cuisine - Reindeer Tartare

Triple Reindeer Tartare, Chanterelles, Potatoes and Chives

This is the second recipe I’m making using my stash of reindeer meat. After the recent Reindeer Fillet, Porcini, and Lingonberry Bulgur, here’s a triple reindeer tartare, with three different reindeer cuts and preparations: tartare-perfect tenderloin, super-smoky and salty cold-smoked reindeer fillet, and reindeer salami. The first tenderloin and fillet strike a kind of balance […]

Czech Republic - Olomouc - Drápal Restaurant

Czech Impressions: Dining in Olomouc

Having learned nearly everything there is to know about Olomouc cheese, we’ll now focus on the city of Olomouc itself. The historical capital of Moravia and the center of the Haná region, Olomouc feels much larger than it actually is (the current population is only around 100,000 inhabitants). The majestic main square and the city […]

Russian Cuisine - Reindeer Fillet, Porcini and Lingonberry Bulgur

Reindeer Fillet, Porcini, and Lingonberry Bulgur

Last month, during a short business trip to Sweden, I visited Stockholm’s venerable Östermalms Saluhall, a food market operating since 1888. While the historic hall is currently closed for renovation, the market has been transplanted to another building nearby. I was searching for something very specific and quite unique, something that you can’t acquire in […]

Summer Recipes, 2017 Edition

Summer Recipes, 2017 Edition

It’s officially summer, and I’m off to Croatia for two weeks. If you fear Food Perestroika withdrawal, here are some seasonal recipes for you to re-discover: To stick to the theme of my trip, try my Brodet, Croatian Fish Stew, or Bosnian Ćevapi with Kajmak, Ajvar, and Lepinja. Still from the same part of the world, the Albanian Langoustine and Sujuk […]

Loštice - Olomouc Cheese Museum

Czech Impressions: Olomouc Cheese, Part 1

Olomoucké tvarůžky, aka Olomouc cheeses, aren’t just any little ripened soft cheeses. With their strong scent, distinctive pungent taste, and yellowish color, they have right of place in the world pantheon of gastronomical stinky cheeses. My first encounter with them was rather gentle: at La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise, a mild, young exemplar was crumbled and combined with […]

Bosnian Food - Cevabdzinica Sarajevo

Restaurant Review: Ćevabdžinica Sarajevo

A note about my restaurant reviews: New York City counts many Eastern European restaurants scattered across the five boroughs, most of them ignored by restaurant critics and diners alike. I intend to visit as many as I can and report! If you want to eat simple, authentic Bosnian food in New York, Astoria is the place […]

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