Gely Korzhev - Get Up, Ivan! (1997)

Winter Break 2019

When you read these lines, I will be on my way to the Great North: after a few days in Moscow, I plan to cross the Arctic Circle aboard the Arktika train to enjoy some (moderately) extreme tourism. As a result, I won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks, but I’m planning to post […]

Moscow - Danilovsky Market - Dagestani Food

Moscow Rules, Part 10: Eating at the Danilovsky Market

In my last post, we toured the food stalls of the Danilovksy Market, Moscow’s oldest marketplace, newly renovated. But looking for quality products to prepare for dinner isn’t the only reason to visit this venerable institution. Today, around the perimeter of the market and on the second floor, there are about thirty eateries, some of […]