Happy Holidays 2018 from Food Perestroika!

Happy Holidays 2018!

Happy Holidays! Looking to stuff your face in style a few more times before the New Year resolutions kick in? Here is a selection of my favorite recipes from this year’s posts, perfect for any special occasion. To get you started, the New Russian Brioche, Herring, and Foie Gras makes for an unexpected and spectacular […]

Siberian Cuisine - Wild Boar Cutlets, Celery Root Purée, Kasha and Lingonberry Sauce

Wild Boar Cutlets, Celery Root Purée, Kasha, and Lingonberry Sauce

As seen at the two restaurants discussed in my previous posts, wild game, mushrooms, and berries are three essential ingredients in Siberian cuisine. Quite often, the game meat is prepared as a cutlet – a round or oval patty made of ground meat. There’s a reason for this: while it would be awesome if wild […]

Siberian Cuisine - Chemodan

Moscow Rules, Part 8: Chemodan

After my post about Omulyovaya Bochka last week, let’s continue our exploration of Siberian cuisine through another Moscow restaurant. Located in the Arbat District, Chemodan (“suitcase” in Russian) is part of the trend of celebrity-owned eateries that arrived in Moscow in the early twenty-tens. If you follow Russian cinema a little, you might remember actor Oleg […]