Best And Worst Restaurants of 2017

The Best and Worst Restaurants of 2017

As the end of the year comes upon us, I traditionally summarize my reviews to pick the best and worst that the eastward-looking restaurant scene offered to me. In appearance, I really don’t have a lot to show this year: just three New York reviews (plus one report from London, Baltic Restaurant and Bar). I […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays 2017!

Happy Holidays! As is the tradition, here is a selection of my favorite recipes from this year’s posts, perfect for your table whether you’re planning a quiet dinner for two or a feast for the whole extended family. Check out my freshly released King Crab Rillettes and Apple-Onion Mostarda and its tortuous ties to Russian cuisine. […]

Croatian Food - Zagrebačka Kremšnita

Croatian Stories, Part 1: Kremšnita

In my last post, I made my own contribution to Croatia’s culinary heritage by creating a new dessert, the Dalmatian Kremšnita. It’s now time to take a deeper look at the history of this cake. Kremšnita simply means “cream slice” in Croatian, although “custard slice” would have been more appropriate, since every variation contains various layers of […]