Croatian Cuisine - Dalmatian Kremšnita

Dalmatian Kremšnita, a Twist on Croatia’s Favorite Dessert

Several years ago, I blogged my very first Croatian dessert, the Dalmatian fritters, little balls of fried dough coated in flavored confectioner’s sugar. That’s not, however, the sweet dish you’ll come across the most in Croatia. Instead, based on my scientific survey using a representative sample of 1 person, the title of Croatia’s favorite dessert should go […]

Chaim Soutine - Turkey and Tomatoes (circa 1924)

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll have seen that I’m off to Moscow for a week, researching Russia’s latest food trends. Meanwhile, though I don’t make a lot of Thanksgiving recipes, here are a few ideas that should give you a change from the usual roasted bird and mashed potatoes, without straying too far […]

Moldovan Food - Boon By Moldova

Restaurant Review: Boon By Moldova

A note about my restaurant reviews: New York City counts many Eastern European restaurants scattered across the five boroughs, most of them ignored by restaurant critics and diners alike. I intend to visit as many as I can and report! Having already eaten in a couple of Romanian restaurants in Sunnyside (see my review of Harmony Terrace), […]

Food Perestroika - Instagram

Media Socialism 2017

While you’re no doubt waiting for my next post (which will transport you back to Moldova), and in honor of the centennial of the October Revolution, I’d like to remind you about my various social media accounts: @food_perestroika on Instagram, where you can see some behind-the-scene pictures in addition to what appears on the blog. […]