The Best and Worst Restaurants of 2011

2011 is coming to an end, and I must say I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten in as many Eastern European restaurants all in one year as I have in the past 12 (or 14) months! Here is a list of all my reviews, sorted by rating. As a reminder, I usually mention decor and service in my posts, but only the food is being rated.

Unlike most Best of/Worst of lists coming out these days, which concentrate on places that opened or were trendy this year, I just list places that I happened to visit.  A few of them did open in 2011, but it’s not that important.

To separate the restaurants that I recommend from the ones that aren’t worth a special visit, I would draw a line around 6.5/10 — although restaurants rated at least 5/10 still offer some decent dishes if you’re in the mood for a particular ethnic cuisine. Any place with food rated below 5/10 is one you should really avoid, no matter what food you’re craving.


Hospoda 9/10
Russian Samovar 8/10
Onegin 7.5/10
Korzo Haus 7/10
Chinar on the Island 7/10
Tbilisi 6.5/10
Andre’s Café 6.5/10
Karczma 6.5/10

Not worth a special visit:

Skovorodka 6/10
Tatiana Grill 5.5/10
Volna 5.5/10
Apsheron 5.5/10
Koliba 5/10


Le Soleil 4.5/10
Vernissage 4/10